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Online Retail
Online Shopping

Online Retail

  1. Electronics hobby/DIY kits

  2. Single-board computers

  3. I/O Shields

  4. Specialized Electronic Components

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In-house Audio Electronics

  1. Hi-Fidelity on a ShoeString budget

  2. A statement against “snake oil” audio

  3. Engineering driven by passion

  4. Designed in Singapore

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IT Systems & Hardware Support

  1. Computer Systems/Hardware Maintenance

  2. IT Systems/Server Installation & Maintenance

  3. Software Build & Release Management

  4. Configuration Management Software Installation & Maintenance

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Program & Purchase Mgt. (IT/Electronics)

  1. IT-related Program Coordination/Mgt.

  2. IT/Electronics-related Purchase Mgt.

  3. Student & Maker Project Support (Elec.)

  4. Design/Small-batch Elec. Mfg. (Sub-contracted)

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